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Super Friends: For Justice! (super Friends (dc Comics))

Rating 4
Super Friends For Justice

DC Comics

Author: Sholly Fisch

Children love Super Friends. The author is Sholly Fisch and it was published by DC Comics. This book was available on the 17th of March, 2009. The paperback book is centered on Justice League of America and is perceived as really good comic books, strips, etc. The children's book has 144 pages and it has marvelously colored illustrations. Originally published in single magazine form in Super Friends 1-7. Based on the toy line from Mattel!. The book furthermore highlights Graphic novels, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. To buy a copy at the best price, visit the button on this page.

ASIN: 1401221564

The super-hot Mattel Justice League line leaps to the printed page in this all-ages, all-fun series featuring the most recognizable heroes from the DC Universe. Filled with exciting adventures friendly to new readers and old, this volume attributes the JLA facing off with a few of their biggest foes which consists of the power-stealing android Amazo at the same time since the super-ape known as Gorilla Grodd! Also consists of find puzzles, games and a lot more.


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