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Justice League Unlimited: Heroes (justice League Unlimited (unnumbered))

Rating 4
Justice League Unlimited Heroes

DC Comics

Author: Various

The Justice League uses teamwork to battle its villains. Presented in comic book format.
Kids love Heroes. The author is Various and it was published on the 14th of April, 2009 by DC Comics. The paperback book talks about Justice League of America and is considered great juvenile fiction. The child's book is 144 pages long and it is made up of delightfully colored illustrations. Originally published in single magazine form as Justice League unlimited 23-29, 2006, 2007, DCComics.

ASIN: 1401222021

The Martian Manhunter, last survivor of Mars; Superman, the super-powered final survivor within the planet Krypton; Batman, the Dark Knight Detective; Green Lantern, wielder of an alien Power Ring; The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive; Hawkgirl, Winged Wonder and policewoman from the planet Thanagar, and Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons. Earth's seven greatest heroes join forces to defend Earth against attacking aliens, sorcerors, super-villains, and any other threat that might arise as the Justice League. This graphic novel features the core members of the team commanding a new expanded roster of heroes brought together to take care of specific crises they are best suited to handling from their new satellite headquarters that orbits Earth.


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