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Justice League Classic: Partners In Peril

Rating 4
Justice League Classic Partners In Peril


Author: Scott Sonneborn

For those who are looking to buy a children's book I have come up with some good info. Purchase a copy of Justice League Classic: Partners In Peril written by Scott Sonneborn. The author is Scott Sonneborn and it is published by HarperFestival. The child's book became available around March of 2013. The book has 24 pages. Obtain a copy of this book, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

ASIN: 0062210076

Amazo can be a rampaging robot out to destroy the city. When Superman, Batman, together with the Flash attempt to cease him, he absorbs their superpowers, generating him unstoppable. They must call inside the rest making use of the Justice League to assist conquer this angry android.


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